Frequently Asked Questions

SPiD is developed by Schibsted Products and Technology as the trusted solution for safe login and payment across multiple online services. With your SPiD account you can log in to these services using the same email and password.
To use the sites and apps that rely on SPiD to improve your experience, you need to create an SPiD account.
If you experience problems with your password it is either typed in wrong or it has too few characters. Also check if you have caps lock on and that there is no space before or after your password.

Alternatively, we recommend that you use the forgotten password-link and you will receive a link to reset your password.
If you experience problems with login, it might be due to an incorrect password. If resetting your password doesn't work, then contact one of the sites you use your SPiD account with and they will help you.
If you have been victim of an SPiD account takeover (this might occur if you receive an SMS or e-mail from someone who is pretending to be SPiD or a site that you have a SPiD account with) or if you suspect that someone else is using your SPiD account without your permission, immediately contact one of the sites you have a SPiD account with and request your SPiD account to be blocked and to be able to restore it. We also recommend that you change the password with your e-mail that is associated with SPiD since the same people might have gained access from your inbox as well.
At the moment we do not send a password restoration email to an email address that is different from the registered primary email address due to security reasons.

If you don’t have access to your primary email address and can’t remember your SPiD account password, contact one of the sites you have a SPiD account with and they can help you to change the primary address. Note that this is only possible if you have already registered a secondary email with your SPiD account.
Email verification is for your safety so that no one else can create a SPiD account using your email address without your consent, since every SPiD account needs to be verified through an email sent to a personal inbox.

If the SPiD account is not verified, it will not be activated.
SPiD uses the information that you provide to create a more personal user experience for you through customized service, content, and advertising. SPiD takes your privacy seriously and sets high standards for safety and restrictions when it comes to the information processing. SPiD processes your personal information according to applicable privacy regulations.

Read more about how SPiD processes your personal information in the SPiD Privacy policy.
Request to delete your SPiD account from a site that you have a SPiD account with, or go to SPiD and choose the “Change profile” option. At the bottom of the page you will see the option to "Delete my account."

When you delete your SPiD account remember that all of your subscriptions and ads that are connected to this account will also be deleted.
SPiD or partners of SPiD may integrate third party services to provide you with a better experience when using SPiD services. The providers of those integrations may collect information when you view or use them, including information about you, your device or browser, and what you browse for. The information collected will help to provide you with more relevant content that is seamlessly customized for you.

When you use your SPiD account, SPiD will collect information from the sites that you are logged in to , however, this data is only shared with sites if you have started using your SPiD account with that site.

Too read more about how SPiD shares information please refer to the privacy policy.
You are only logged in to the sites where you choose to accept the Terms & Conditions. It may look like you are logged in to other sites that use SPiD, but it only appears that way since they also use SPiD as a login solution.

If you click on your name you will be asked to accept the Terms & Conditions for that site, if you haven’t already done so, and then that site will be connected to your SPiD account.
To change your information you can either go to one of the sites your account is connected to or go to SPiD. Select the "Change profile" option where you can change the information that you have provided, and save the changes you make.
For security purposes, there are limitations on what changes SPiD can do to a verified SPiD account. If you want to add a new or additional email address to your SPiD account then you must do so from your SPiD account page.
Check the spam filter of your email inbox because the automatic email can show up there. If you have further problems, contact the site you have a SPiD account with.
For security reasons SPID limits changes to your primary email address for 72 hours. This is to prevent fraudsters that are logged in as you from being able to take over your account.

You can change your primary email address immediately if you have access to the old primary email address. In this case, SPiD will send a link to the former primary email address where you can confirm the change.

If you receive a notification that an unknown email address has been added to your SPiD account, contact one of the sites you have a SPiD account with and they can help you with how you remove the unknown email address from your SPiD account.

Remember to change the password on your SPiD account and your verified email account.
In order to use the functionality of your SPiD account, like to be able to delete the account, you must first accept the Terms and Conditions.

You may request the deletion of your SPiD account from the site on which you have accepted the terms and conditions. That site might ask you for either an ID or a few questions to verify that you are the owner of the SPiD account. Note that if you request account deletion, but use the SPiD account on another site, then any subscription and/or ads associated with the account will be deleted as well.

Remember to hide sensitive information if you choose to verify yourself with ID.
To cancel your subscription(s) we recommend that you contact the Support team for site(s) that you have the subscription with and they will help you.
You are able to make the first subscription payment with an e-card, but after that you must change your payment method due to the way that some banks in Sweden work.

It is therefore not recommended to use an e-card to pay for recurring subscriptions.
Please contact the support team at the site that has provided you with this voucher.
The receipt issued by SPiD has the correct format to be accepted by all accounting departments.

If you need a new receipt you can find your payment history at your SPiD account page. There you will find an overview over all of the payments you have done and can select to print the receipt you require.
The SMS you receive after a payment is a necessary legal confirmation of your payment that must be issued.
If you have been charged more than once for your payment then you might have pushed the payment button more than once or refreshed your browser before the payment was completed.

Contact the support center from the site that you have purchased the service from and they will help you.
When your payment can’t be completed, you will receive an error message. The error message will explain why your payment wasn’t completed. If it does not give you sufficient information please contact the support team of the site that you are trying to purchase a service from. If the error message refers to your bank please contact the bank for help.
Please contact the support team for the site you have the subscription with. They can help you to start your subscription again.
Two SPiD accounts can’t be merged. You must choose which of the accounts you want to continue using. If you have any subscription on the SPiD account that you no longer choose to use, contact the support teams at the sites that you have subscriptions with.They will help you to move these subscriptions over to the SPiD account that you wish to continue using.

Ads that are created on the SPiD account you no longer choose to keep can’t be moved and you will lose them.
Your subscriptions are listed on your SPiD account. Select the "Products" option from the menu on the top of the site. There you will see your subscriptions. To find subscriptions that is not visible on the overview, we recommend you to go directly to the site you have subscription with.
When opting to switch a subscription plan, the most recent payment confirms the type of subscription you have. If you downgrade your subscription, you will lose access to the premium content as soon as you complete the purchase.
Yes, you will receive a confirmation by email as soon as the cancellation is completed.
If you cancel your subscription you should no longer be charged when the subscription period is finished. If you are still being charged please contact the support team at the site that you have the subscription with.
It is not possible to restore a subscription, but you are able to create a new subscription after the cancelled subscription lapses.
You might have paid the credit card bill after the grace period lapsed. SPiD will attempt to process your payment five times in a certain amount of days. The subscription is cancelled if the payment is not processed during this period.
When you delete your SPID account you will lose all access and payment and login services on the sites connected to your SPID account.
If you do not complete payment for a subscription within a few days your subscription will not be renewed and will be cancelled. Then you have to buy a new one.
Bank verification or BankID is only available on It is a secure way to verify your identity linked to your BankID.
If you are unable to verify your SPiD account using BankID, it might be because you have verified another SPiD account with your BankID or your SPiD account has been verified with someone else’s BankID. Contact customer support at and they will help you find out.

You can check that your BankID work as normal her:

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